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Our story.
How do we change the world of shirts?

Authenticity and value

We have the audacity to pursue our goal to provide quality shirts to our customers. In our view the clothing business has lost it eye for providing quality and value for a fair price. You as the customer get a sub-par product for a high-end price. We challenge this trend by giving shirt enthusiasts the value they are looking for in a shirt.

Hand picking and testing

We feel with our own to hands a lot of fabrics before we make a choice. Looking without making concessions for the finest touch and durability. Then we wear and wash them at least 30 times so we are sure it retains its fresh look and feel.
We are a collection of shirt enthusiasts.

Our history

Basically we found our goals while enjoying the nightlife of Amsterdam. We found eachother while we were complaining that it was nearly impossible to get value for money in the clothing business. One of us was a shirt enthusiast and the other a natural born tailor. It was this combination of gunpowder that fired off our journey.

Value first

Quality, value and perfection are not just marketing buzzwords to us. It is in our DNA to provide this to our customer. We do not make compromises. What only sell what we want to wear ourselves. We always listen to our customers to look for new ways to provide quality and value.